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MAIN STAGE Auditions

The CulturalArtsPlayhouse will be holding auditions for this coming season’s mainstage production of “Legally Blonde!” Please prepare 16-32 bars of music either from or in the style of the show. We ask that you provide your own sheet music!

LegallyBlonde runs October 12th - November 10th.

Audition Dates:
August 10th @ 1pm
August 12th @ 7:30pm
August 14th @ 7pm
*if you have any questions regarding auditions, feel free to email or*

Production Team:
Director & Choreographer: Jojo Minasi
Musical Director: Rich Giordano
Stage Manager: Amanda Schmidt
Executive Producer: Bruce Grossman


Elle Woods - (Gb2-G5 Soprano Belt) a bubbly college girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality to offer the world! She is very lovable, determined, vulnerable, energetic and outgoing! A true triple threat.

Emmett Forrest - (B2-A4 Tenor) Emmett is a smart, quirky, sensitive and personable law student. A strong singer/actor with great comedic timing!

Paulette Buonofuonte - (A3-A5 Soprano Belt) Paulette is the funny owner of Hair Affair, a local salon. A strong singer with a powerful belt to match the personality!

Pilar, Margot, Serena - (G#3-F5 Belt) - Pilar is the sassy and sensible sorority sister. Margot is the seemingly dim-witted, boy-crazy sorority sister. Serena is the energetic cheerleader, tells it like it is sorority sister. Strong singers and dancers with good comic timing and youthful energy!

Professor Callahan - (A2-F#4 Baritone) - Callahan is a pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard.

Warner Huntington III - (Eb3-Ab4 Tenor) - Warner is attractive and charming but very self-absorbed.

Vivienne Kensington - (A3-F5 HUGE Soprano Belt) - Vivienne is an overachieving, stuck-up, wealthy, smart and savvy law student who is intellectually driven.

Brooke Wyndham - (A3-G5 Alto or Soprano) - Brooke is an exercise video star and former Delta Nu sorority girl who was accused of murder. Must be able to maintain vocal stamina while jump roping. If you are auditioning for this role, you may be asked to jump rope while singing at your audition.

Kyle B. O'Boyle - (no vocal requirement) - Kyle is a smooth-talking UPS deliveryman. Comedic timing is a must!

Enid Hoops - (G3-G5 Soprano Belt) - Enid is a strong, opinionated, feminist law student at Harvard. Great comedic timing!

Supporting Roles/Ensemble: Most supporting roles will play other roles throughout the show as well, including: Delta Nu’s/Greek Chorus, Prisoners/Dancers at Boston's Women's Correctional Facility, Harvard Law students, Courtroom spectators and trial personnel, Sales personnel, Parade Dancers

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