Long Island Premier Musical Theater and Acting academy


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Thank you for all you taught me at CAP over the
years. It's a huge part of who I am as a person and performer. I wouldn't be
working professionally without you and CAP. Please keep thinking about me for
future projects. I'd love to be able to come back and work with you again soon.
Nick Rini,
CAP Alum

For over 20 years the MTAA students at the Cultural Arts Playhouse have gained the confidence and self-esteem to lead successful lives, whether on or off the stage. 

Founded in 1995, CAP’s Musical Theater and Acting Academy is the most successful acting school on Long Island for children/teen/young adults. More than 40 of our students have worked on Broadway, national tours, regional theaters, movies, HBO specials, commercials, and voice overs.

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The class curriculum is designed to give students an overall education in all aspects of theatre, including speech and diction exercises, dance, improvisation, monologues, audition techniques, scene study and voice.  Students who have attended classes at CAP have frequently been cast in their school shows, community performances and camp productions due to their training at CAP!


    Our approach to acting classes is centered around positive reinforcement, thus developing their confidence. 

Our daughter, has been struggling with anxiety disorder for years. Sometimes it is more quiet than others and can be debilitating for her in social situations. She loves the stage and it is clear that she has found her "thing"... it is her escape (probably like most actors). 

When recently, she began struggling with school and even going to activities, she has found a safe and kind person and place in James and CAP.  He is reassuring when she feels uneasy and he gives her the gentle nudge and confidence she needs to move forward. It is very rare to find someone who can connect on such a deep level with kids and have the patience (of a saint!)....and not just with Nina, but all of the kids. They have a tremendous amount of respect for him and he puts his heart and soul into the production.

We are truly grateful to him and wanted to share our experience with you. 
Wishing the CAP family a great summer and see you in September! 
All my best, Joanne

CAP Parent